Automatic driving lessons are easy, so shouldn’t the prices be easy to understand as well?

1 Hour Lesson
1.5 Hour Lesson
2 Hour Lesson

That’s It, simple clear prices with absolutely NO hidden charges. PAYG prices with NO tie in deals.

I make it simple as possible, I don’t try to confuse you with gimmicks or deals that look great when your trying to save money but often end up tying you up with a driving instructor or driving school that might not be right for you.

At Horgis I have always kept my prices Crystal Clear. No confusing offers or gimmicks. No hoping you or your instructor can remember how many lessons out of the block booking you have used etc.

Simply book an Automatic Driving Lesson with me, pay for that lesson and If you love what I do book some more. If you don’t think you will be happy learning to drive and pass your driving test with me….. don’t book anymore! Its that simple.

Paying for your automatic driving lessons is simple to as I accept Cash, Credit or Debit Card, chip&pin in car or PayPal.

(All lessons to be paid inline with my T&C’s)