Should I learn in automatic or manual transmission driving school car?

Automatic or Manual – which should you choose?

Automatically pass your driving test in Warrington | Learn to drive automatically
So happy I learned to drive and passed my driving test in an Automatic Car

Should you take instruction in an automatic or manual gearbox car? It’s a simple question of whether you want the hassle of changing gear every few seconds. Or let the driving school car change gear or yo

Manual gearboxes you manually change gear using the clutch and gear stick.

Typically with five or six forward gears, as well as reverse, and three pedals (remember you only have two feet) manual boxes are operated solely by the driver every few seconds who selects which gear they need to be in.

Gears are changed by taking one hand off the steering wheel to use the gear leaver while the clutch pedal operated with the left foot as each change is made  your right foot may be idle or operating the foot brake.

PHEW! there’s a lot that needs to be done. Oh, you will also need to use the clutch carefully while balancing the gas pedal with your right foot to set off and remember to use it when moving very slowly in driving lessons or driving test manoeuvres and stopping.

Is it any wonder many people simply choose to learn to drive Automatic transmission cars from day one.

Enthusiastic drivers tend to swear by manual gearboxes, regularly claiming they offer greater involvement with the car.

What’s an automatic gearbox?

  • Relaxed drive, simply select D for Drive and that is it
  • Usually a little more expensive than manual gearbox options, but not always.
  • Many are far more fuel efficient than their manual counterparts especially those using Hybrid technology.

How do you drive and learn to drive in an automatic?

Two pedals One to start moving and another to slow down and stop.  Just select the mode you need either R for Reverse or D for Drive with the selector and that’s IT!

It can often take many many hours to learn to drive in a manual car but learning driving in an Automatic car is far simpler and safer.

Many learners waste hundred of pounds struggling with manual gearboxes but whizz through there driving test and more importantly feel happier learning to drive with a smile on their face in an automatic.

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Congratulations Amber – Passed

driving instructor

“David was my 4th driving instructor, driving isn’t something that came naturally to me, in the past I had often dreaded my lessons, I was extremely nervous and could never even imagine passing my driving test. David always put me at ease, he never shouts or gets angry and finds the best way that you learn. He always believed in me even when I didn’t believe in myself. I can’t thank him enough.”

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Congratulations Chester – Passed

confident driver

“Even though driving lessons came out of nowhere, the instructor made this daunting task of driving relaxing, hassle free and easy. Even with my disability, the instructor told me what to do, how to do it and what I was doing wrong/right in a manner in which I could understand (which a lot of people seem to forget), and that was a key part in me going from someone who knows nothing about cars to being able to drive like the rest of them. It did take me a while to pass however I didn’t feel like I was wasting money at any point, and I am thankful that I was able to pass the test with no conflicts or doubt, and for giving me the ability to walk into the test centre without any doubts or fears.”

Congratulations Zoey – Passed

I passed my driving test

“Today I passed my test first time. Dave is overall a brilliant instructor. My confidence of driving was very low before I found Dave (previous two instructors beforehand) – Dave helped that confidence build so much. He is very reliable, flexible and just genuinely a nice guy. He makes you feel comfortable when driving and with any questions you need to ask him. I honestly could not recommend Dave enough. If you’re looking for a driving instructor Dave is the one to get in touch with.